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Friday 5 March, 2021

Impromptu Speeches: Some ideas and tips to get started

Most people find it hard to stand up and speak fluently off the cuff.  Perhaps you want to respond to someone’s talk, but do not have the confidence or know the right words – how often do you say nothing and then when you get home you suddenly think “now why did I not say…”. At a meeting you may be asked for your opinion or asked to comment on a particular subject. You may know the subject, but having to comment right there and then….
Perhaps you need a bit of practice — and you can do this at home, no-one else needs to be around.

Step 1: Take a noun e.g. DREAMS

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash


Step 2: Write down words beginning with each letter
     e.g.      Danger

Step 3: Take 5 minutes to draft a story using these 6 words.  It does not matter in which order  you use them, just make sure you use them all in your story.
Step 4: Read out the story you have just written (remember this is just to yourself, but it is better to say it aloud)
Step 5: Repeat step 2 — same letters, different words.
Step 6: Now, don’t write anything down, but still compose your story as you speak it, i.e. impromptu.

And now that you have tried that, you can choose any other word and repeat — until you feel more confident that you are not going to get tongue-tied next time you want to stand up and say something at a meeting or are asked for your opinion!

Diana Porterfield

Tuesday 16 February, 2021

Top Tips for Writing an Awesome Speech


You are sat down with a blank piece of paper, ready to write your speech; an hour later the page is still blank. You want to be entertaining and engaging, funny even, but the words just aren’t coming to you. 


Here are some top tips to inspire you to write an awesome speech. 


1. Know your audience. Identifying who your audience is will help with setting the pitch tone and content of your speech, use the right language and engage your audience appropriately. Is your speech in front of professionals or a casual setting? Setting the pitch and tone at the right level will help you to get maximum engagement from your audience. 

2. Write an outline. Much like writing a story, a speech needs a beginning, middle and end. By writing an outline of what you want to say will help when it comes to adding detail. What are the main points that you want to cover? What is the reason behind giving the speech? What do you want to achieve? 

3. How long does it need to be? Keep this in mind will help when it comes to fleshing out the details. You may have a set time that you need to stick to or the freedom for it to be as long as you like but make sure that no matter what the length, you keep to the time you set otherwise, you could run the risk of waffling which will detract from the main points you want to cover.

4. Get creative. Now you have your main points, it’s time to flesh out the details. Let your typing or writing run amok. Give yourself complete and utter freedom to write down whatever comes to you. The more writing you do at this point the better your speech will be. Even if you think of something crazy, write it down. At this stage, it doesn't matter. 

5. Editing and proofing. Following your outline as a guide, it is now time to give your writing some structure. Take out the bits that don’t support your speech, focus on your intentions, take out any waffle. Expand on the bits you know to be important. 

6. Practice. Perform your speech in front of a friend or family member and ask for honest feedback. This not only gives you the opportunity to time your speech but also to cut out or add anything to make it better. Once you have edited your speech, then recite it again and again until you are comfortable. The more you know your speech the more natural it will be when you come to deliver it. 

7. Enjoy. Even if you are delivering to a room full of professionals, if you prepared well and comfortable with your speech you will come across as confident and enjoying sharing with the room.

Next time you need to write an all-important speech, following these tips will help you to not just write a speech, but to write an awesome speech.

Monday 25 January, 2021

Platform Presence on Zoom

Computer screen showing a lectern and microphone with Zoom controls underneath.

What is good platform presence and why is it important on Zoom? Good platform presence helps to command and hold the attention of your audience, whether you are physically in front of an audience in a meeting room or appearing on a screen on the wall or even on a screen in your own home. You may not be too worried if you are simply making social contact on Zoom, but if you are in a business meeting you may need to impress and you certainly need to get your message over, to make your presence felt.

The following gives you some suggestions to ponder over before you venture onto Zoom.

A Two Step Approach


  • Make sure you have practised on Zoom beforehand — you can always try it out with a friend. But remember that there are different levels of Zoom, each providing slightly different facilities.  Search of the internet will give you lots of practical advice on how to use Zoom and how to get the best out of it technically. 

  • If you are using Zoom from your home, decide which room you are going to use and make sure your set-up is as good as it can be. Avoid busy and untidy rooms in your house. Alternatively, Zoom offers you the ability to change the transmitted background using a selected wallpaper. However, be careful what sort of background you pick. If it is too busy it will distract from your presentation. Also be aware of how any movement you make may affect the apparent focus of the background. This is definitely something to try out beforehand.

  • Make sure that your lighting is suitable, you cannot impress if your audience cannot see you clearly. The best source of light is one that you are looking towards. Light from one side can be adequate but will highlight your pores and blemishes, so it depends on how vain you are!

  • Make sure that you are in focus and that you can clearly hear and be heard. Again a  practice with a friend beforehand can be useful. If using a PC then a separate webcam and speakers may be required – make sure they are of adequate quality.

  • Have visual aids which can be brought into play without difficulty. Zoom facilities for displaying documents or slides are available. There is also a Whiteboard option. But do make sure you have tried and mastered these facilities beforehand.

  • Have your notes in order and easy to handle – cards or A4 sized documents are still best for talking from but remember that it will be possible to display key data using the facilities described in the paragraph above.

  • Be appropriately dressed. Your appearance is still important and although casual outfits may be appropriate, you do need to look as if you care.

  • Be sure you know how to get into Zoom in a timely manner and how to mute your voice when others are talking so that no extraneous noises disturb the meeting. Not everyone wants to hear your dog barking or your children quarrelling!

  • Don’t forget to close all unnecessary files or tabs that can slow down your software and connection. Make sure you have done a test run to ensure there are no unexpected technical obstacles for your presentation.

  • Place your seat so that your audience can see your head and shoulders. If using a laptop, have it on a solid surface and use a box or books to raise it up if necessary.

The Presentation

  • Greet your audience and introduce yourself if necessary. Make sure your name is appropriately displayed on the screen. If you press the “record” facility at the start, then you can review your presentation and all the audience interaction to it, afterwards. Your next presentation can then be even better.

  • Sit comfortably and try not to move around as this can be distracting and may affect the focus of your picture or the clarity of your sound for the audience.

  • Indicate when you are starting and speak clearly.

  • Maintain eye contact by looking at the screen. Avoid looking at the walls and the ceiling of your room, and never out of a window.

  • Be aware of any distracting mannerisms you may have as these can be exaggerated by the concentration of your presence on a small screen and annoy your audience:
    • Make sure your hairstyle is tidy even if you haven’t had a hair cut for a while. Untidy hair can be a distraction especially if you find yourself “fiddling” with it.

    • Spectacles that do not fit and have to be pushed up the nose all the time should be avoided if possible.

    • Gestures may not be of much use on Zoom but do not to fiddle with paper or other things on your desk / table.

  • Make sure it is obvious when your presentation has come to an end.

  • Wait for the host to close the meeting before you disconnect.

Platform presence is as important on Zoom as in any other situation. Do not be put off by the technology. With thorough preparation, your presentations can take off on Zoom and achieve the high standards you are used to. No presenter is ever perfect and nobody expects you to be. If you slip-up during the presentation, simply acknowledge it, and pick up from where you erred. Always remember to keep your audience engaged with a SMILE.

Yvonne Baker

Thursday 15 October, 2020

 POWERtalk Pollokshields

Due to the current pandemic POWERtalk Pollokshields have been meeting via Zoom.  This has proved to be very successful and the members have enjoyed lively meetings.   On Wednesday 14th October the club met at 7.30 pm.  The Theme for the evening was "The World is your Oyster - or is it?"    President Brendan opened the meeting and introduced Roz as Chair for the evening.   The topics were taken by Louise, Grace,Liz and Scilla.  A very entertaining Education/Fun session followed by Carole Ford introducing a shared Screen and a lively Quiz.  The two speakers were Anita - "Pearls of Wisdom" and Brendan on "Is the Future Google?"  A useful General Evaluation was given by Grace and the Timing and Vote of Thanks was given by Liz.  Members are really enjoying the Zoom Meetings which gives us an opportunity to continue with the club in these very difficult times.

The next meeting is on 28th October and the Theme will be "Sights and sounds and smells".

Tuesday 6 October, 2020

Top 15 tips to enhance your Zoom meetings


Top 15 tips to enhance your Zoom meetings

Zoom has quickly become the most popular tool to keep us connected during Covid-19, especially in a professional capacity. We have adapted well to running and joining meetings at home even with the worry of invasion from the kids, the cat sitting on your laptop or the dog deciding it’s a good time to pee on the carpet. Even when we finally go back to offices, the popularity of Zoom meetings will continue, as we realise that there is no longer the need to bring everyone together for a meeting in an office environment and can just as easily be done remotely. More and more people will also be given the opportunity to continue to work from home.  So, Zoom is here to stay! Here are some great tips to help you when running or attending meetings.

1.      Add a background – Zoom offers a selection of backgrounds to use or upload one of your own. Just go into settings and get creative. If you don’t want to use a background then have a plain wall behind you.

    2.      Light up- Being in a well-lit area or having a light facing you will highlight your face. You can easily use a lamp or with a small investment, buy an LED ring light.
      3.      Level up – Have your camera at the correct level. You don’t want to be looking down or up at your screen. If you need to sit your laptop on a pile of books to get the correct level then that’s fine. No one can see what you are using. Your picture will be a lot more flattering and clearer to anyone watching.
        4.      Mute and unmute quickly – It can be very distracting if everyone is off mute throughout a meeting. Having everyone mute other than the speaker is wise. If you need to unmute quickly, simply hold the space bar down while you talk and release it when you have finished.
          5.      No need to add video when you join a meeting – When you join a meeting, generally there is a period of time when you are waiting for others to join. There is no need to activate video straight away. Wait until the meeting is about to begin before opening the video option.
            6.      Change up the screen – Use Gallery View so you can see everyone in the meeting.
              7.      Sending invites – Send well ahead of time with a follow up reminder. Often Zoom meetings fail purely because they are badly organised.
                8.      Share Screen – This enables you to do presentations or demonstrations to everyone at the same time. Both the co-ordinator of the meeting and the attendees are able to share their screen.
                  9.      Zoom App Market Place – Through these apps which integrates with Microsoft Teams and your google or outlook calendar, making the whole experience with Zoom a lot more seamless.
                    10.   Recording your meetings – There are two levels of being able to record your meetings. Zooms free level enables you to record your meeting locally onto your hard drive, whereas the paid Zoom level will allow you to save to the cloud.
                      11.  Enhance your look – Zoom offers you the chance to soften your features. (Settings -> Video -> turn on Touch up my appearance)
                        12.  Audio Transcript – The paid version of Zoom lets gives you the option to have an audio transcript of your meetings, found under advanced cloud recording settings.
                          13.  Waiting Room –It is a good idea to enable this feature as hackers or strangers could be attending your meeting without permission or an invite. Using waiting room lets you see exactly who is in attendance and who shouldn’t be. This can avoid an embarrassing situation during a meeting.
                            14.  Break out rooms – If you have a large number of attendees you can set up to 50 break out rooms for workshops or mini meetings.
                              15.  Practice –Arrange with a friend or colleague a dummy meeting to test out the Zoom features and to get the level and lighting right.

                              Saturday 3 October, 2020

                              ITC – An Education!

                              How I found out about the Scottish Colourists


                              In the pre Covid times, I always enjoyed my annual visit as Region Board member to Caledonia Council meetings.  

                              Portrait of Grace McColl by J D Fergusson

                              Who would not enjoy being royally entertained by old friends? I always arrived on the Saturday evening, had a splendid meal provided by my host for the weekend, then a full breakfast on the Sunday morning, and so on to the Redhurst Hotel for the Council Meeting. On one memorable occasion, I was seated comfortably enough, and from somewhere I could hear the sound of the staff preparing to serve Sunday dinner. “I’m still full from breakfast!” I began to think, when, suddenly, I found myself on the edge of my seat, almost startled. I had hardly noticed from the programme that the last event of the morning was to be “The Scottish Colourists”, but Brendan had commenced a talk and was projecting a stunning sequence of paintings onto a screen. I was surprised because, although art has always interested me, I had never heard of this group, and had never seen any of these paintings, before.

                              The Colourists were Samuel Peploe, John Fergusson, George Hunter and Francis Cadell. They were at their height between 1900 and 1930 and were very much the heirs of the French Impressionists of the nineteenth century. The name came to be applied to them because of their “use of brilliant colour to capture the rich evocation of a place or person”. What were their subjects? To continue to quote from Dr Cummings of Edinburgh University, “whether a landscape, a portrait, a still life or a subject celebrating the vibrancy of urban life, [they] convey a real sense of joie de vivre which few can match”. It’s difficult for the layman to add to that. A large part of their attraction is that they are capable of being appreciated by anyone: the viewer can simply enjoy the use of colour and not try and guess any “hidden meaning”. Confident in their own Scottishness, they spent a lot of time in France, where the sunshine gives plenty of scope for the artist. Several of their paintings were purchased for the French nation.

                              Disgracefully, I am not aware of any of their work being on display in any of the major English galleries, and would be very happy to be proved wrong. If you want to see more, and I hope that this very brief introduction has whetted your appetite, then the National Galleries of Scotland have some fantastic exhibitions from time to time. 

                              Colin Gray



                              Tuesday 8 September, 2020

                              Body Language – The unspoken communicator


                              Body Language – The unspoken communicator

                              Body language is our non-verbal way of expressing our thoughts and feelings. We gesture with our body and use facial expressions without even realising it. Being aware of how we use our body language is a powerful tool when it comes to the art of negotiation and persuasion and will help fully engage your listener/s.

                              Once you learn how to use your body language, you will naturally be able to read others which will help you gauge situations quickly and adjust your behaviour as necessary. This is great in meetings especially if you are needing to really capture the attention of who you are talking to.

                              Here are some top tips to consider when you are in your next meeting or giving your next presentation or speech.

                              1.      Use open body language – make sure your arms are unfolded and your hands are unclenched. This shows the listener that you are being open and will help convey honesty and integrity. If you have to deliver bad news or face a difficult meeting where there is the potential of a sticky situation, you will most likely see your audience with arms crossed, facing away from you and not making eye contact. If you mirror their behaviour then you will hit a stalemate. By showing you are open allows them to feel more at ease and they are far more likely to engage.

                              2.      Make eye contact – No matter if you are speaking to one person, a few people or a whole room full of people, eye contact is important. Of course, there is a fine balance between holding eye contact with the same person for too long and not holding it for long enough. Too long and you are in a creepy staring match, not long enough will make you appear disengaged. A few seconds at a time is more than adequate. If you speaking to a room full of people then pick out people left, right and centre and alternate every few seconds.

                              3.      Avoid touching your face and fidgeting – If you frequently touch your face or fidget you will come across as being uncomfortable, untrustworthy, dishonest and shifty. It really won’t matter how great your subject is if you let your body language contradict what you are talking about.

                              4.      Use open hand gestures – Be careful to not overdo the gestures with your hands, this can be distracting from what you are saying. Having your hands opened palmed will convey openness, sharing and trust. Unless you are putting across a serious issue and it is intentional. Never point, this will show aggression and will turn your audience right off.

                              5.      Smile – Unless you are delivering bad news of course! The simple act of smiling will show warmth and trustworthiness. Your audience will be put at ease and feel more relaxed and open. Smiling changes your whole persona and has a knock-on effect, if you are smiling you tend to make others smile. Much like how a yawn is contagious.

                              6.      Posture – If you are standing to give a presentation or speech, stand with your shoulders back and chin up, this will convey confidence and also frees your diaphragm which will help to keep your voice loud and clear.

                              Bonus Tip: Film yourself giving your presentation or speech so you can see how you are gesturing, the facial expressions you are making, and any bad habits you may be displaying without even realising it. Most of us are self-critical when watching ourselves back on film, so try not to be too hard on yourself.


                              Written by Sarah English for Birmingham Speakers Club - 08 September 2020.

                              Wednesday 5 August, 2020

                              Top tips to calm your nerves when giving a speech

                              Giving a speech requires preparation, from research and planning to writing and rehearsing, but failing to prepare mentally can mean the difference between a good speech and a great speech.

                              Controlling your nerves requires a little practice and patience, but once perfected it can be used for all sorts of situations. Here are some great tips to get you started.

                              Accept your nervousness and feel okay about it.  If you make a conscious effort to identify that you feel worried, that you feel queasy, that you are sweating and understand that your nerves are doing this, you are able to then accept that feeling nervous is natural and absolutely okay.

                              Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. We often compare ourselves to others and put pressure on ourselves to be perfect but you are far better off being yourself. Even the most established of speakers make the odd mistake and that’s what makes us all human.

                              Know your subject matter. It is evident very quickly if you are talking about a subject that you know little about. The speech come across as lacklustre and wooden with lack of passion and conviction, your audience won’t engage and your speech will soon be forgotten. The more you know about your subject the more confident you will be.

                              Engage your audience. Involve your audience so they feel a part of your speech. Not only will it raise the energy level of the room, your speech will be far more memorable.

                              Use breathing techniques. Controlling your breathing will bring your heart rate down and help you to focus. Sit or stand straight and slowly take in a deep breath from your diaphragm to expand your tummy as full as you can. Hold for a few seconds exhale slowly as far as you can, hold for a couple of seconds and repeat. You will instantly feel calmer and in control.

                              Practice mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness is the art of being in the moment, not letting any outside influences in, any worry or problems, questions or noises. It is clearing your mind enough to blank out everything and listen to your own heartbeat and breathing and nothing else. Mindfulness and meditation take practice and patience; there are plenty of guides, YouTube sessions and books out there to help you learn.

                              Visualisation. Visualise the success of your speech. Imagine getting to the end knowing that you were concise, clear, engaging and interesting. So much so, that your audience applauds loudly and you know that all your preparation and practice was all worth it and more importantly, you enjoyed delivering your speech.

                              Practice out loud. When preparing to deliver a speech you should always rehearse it out loud and in front of a friend or family member. That way, not only are you practicing, you can get open and honest feedback on your delivery and content.

                              Avoid stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol. The last thing your body needs is extra stimulants when your adrenaline is taking over. You may think a drink beforehand will calm your nerves but in actual fact it has the opposite effect and will only add to your anxiety. Only drink water, your body and mind work so much better when hydrated.

                              Make eye contact with your audience. It can be very tempting to read from que cards or your PowerPoint presentation without really looking at your audience, but will show lack of willing to engage with your audience and will turn them off what you are trying to say. Try to hold eye contact across the room by alternating to your left, right and centre audience.

                              By following these techniques, you will soon be on the way to delivering great speeches and actually enjoy giving them!




                              Thursday 20 February, 2020

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields — Dance

                              Wednesday 19th February. 2020  in Hutchesons' Grammar School - Room A21.

                               The evening was opened by President Brendan who gave apologies from three members and introduced 
                               Roz who was the chairman for the evening.   Roz gave an inspiration and topics were given to Grace, Liz, Louise, Brendan and Regina.   Brendan handed out a quiz about Dance which caused much discussion and laughter.   Following the Tea interval two speeches were given   
                               One by Grace on a Hungarian Dance she did at school and
                               Lauren on the importance of dance lessons for the young.
                               Regina evaluated the speech by Grace and Louise the speech by Lauren.

                              A short business meeting was then held to discuss the Caledonia Council Speech Contest and to make arrangements for the Club Speech Contest at the next meeting.
                              The General Evaluation was given by Ruth and the Vote of Thanks and Timing was by Liz.

                              A very happy and informative evening was had by all.

                              The next meeting is on 4th March in Hutchesons' Grammar School - room A21 and is the Club Speech Contest to which all are welcome.

                              Thursday 6 February, 2020

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields — Fashion

                              5th February 2020

                              The evening was opened by President Brendan who introduced the Theme "Fashion" with a recording of the Kinks "Dedicated follower of Fashion" and had everyone singing.

                              Everyone was made welcome to the first meeting of 2020.  Unfortunately, there were a number of apologies which meant that various members had two assignments.

                              Brendan introduced Louise

                              who gave us an interesting Inspiration and gave out Topics such as Liz on Burns (not a fan), Roz on fashion who gave us a quote from an Editor of Vogue "Fashion can be bought, but Style you must possess), Regina on a quote from Marilyn Munroe on the right kind of shoes, Brendan on TV programme fashion - Pottery" and

                               finally, Grace who was asked about fashion which caused dogs to be bred for fashion - she did not like the topic and cleverly talked about jewellery fashion.

                              The Education/ Fun item was by Regina
                              This took the form of a most entertaining Quiz covering many areas of fashion.   The winner was Brendan.
                              Following the tea break, the two speakers were introduced

                               Roz who took us through the ages with fashion and gave us sensible advice at the end.
                              Carole who led us through a number of areas of life which was fashion-led and told us about a jumper which she has knitted which was on the catwalk during London Fashion Week.

                              The evaluations were by Grace and Brendan.

                              A short Business Meeting then took place and items discussed were the Council and Club Speech Contest and club dues.

                              The Timing was by Carole and the General Evaluation and Vote of Thanks was by Liz.

                              A most enjoyable evening was had by all.

                              Date of the next meeting:   19th February 2020 in Hutchesons' Grammar School and the Theme will be Dance.

                              Thursday 28 November, 2019

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields — A Heilan' Fling

                              Wednesday 27th November, 2019

                              The evening was opened by President Brendan who amused us all with tales of his highland dancing when very young.

                              Brendan then introduced us to the Chairman for the evening

                              Scilla who handed out topics to Louise on the furthest North she had been.
                              Regina, Liz and finally Brendan.

                              We were then led through a session by Brendan on Happy Memories through the decades.

                              Following the tea break Ruth gave us a very interesting and historical speech on Tam O' Shanter and Glengarry hats which was evaluated by Grace

                              Iris was the second speaker and her topic was on Whisky Cocktails with a very amusing tale of the origins of the term Cocktail. Iris's speech was evaluated by Anita.

                              A short business meeting followed to discuss some Region Business and also the Division of Labour for the Christmas Party next week.

                              The timings were by Liz and Regina gave an excellent Evaluation of the evening.

                              The next meeting of POWERtalk Pollokshields is the Christmas party which is to be held in the home of the President.   There will be a short break thereafter until February.

                              Thursday 31 October, 2019

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields – In or Out.

                              Wednesday 30th October, 2019 at 7.30 in Hutchesons' Grammar School - room A21.

                              Theme for the Evening "In or Out"

                              President Brendan opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.  There were no apologies.
                              Regina was introduced as Chairman for the evening.   Regina gave us an interesting Passing Thought and then presented topics to 
                              Anita                                                                             Ruth, Liz

                              Roz and Carole - both of whom had decided to dress up for Halloween.

                              Regina then presented a very interesting and challenging workshop of how to improve your memory.

                              Following the tea interval we had two speeches 

                              Iris who gave us an animated speech on career choices.

                              Scilla who gave us a very interesting and well researched  speech on the origins of sewing.
                              Both speeches were quite different and original takes on the Theme.

                              Evaluations were given by Roz and Liz.

                              A short Business meeting took place with the Christmas Party being discussed and a Report on the Caledonia Council Meeting.

                              Iris gave us the timings.
                              The General evaluation was by Louise who agreed that we had had a most enjoyable evening.

                              The next meeting will be on 13th November 2019 in Hutchesons' Grammar School - room A21 at 7.30pm.

                              The Theme of the evening will be "Great Expectations".

                              Thursday 17 October, 2019

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields – Home Sweet Home

                              Meeting on Wednesday 16th October, 2019 in the home of a member.

                              Theme:   Home Sweet Home"

                                Due to the School Holidays we met at the home of a member.  The meeting was opened by Brendan.    Unfortunately due to a number of different reasons there were four apologies for the evening.

                              Brendan was also the Chairman for the evening and Topics were given out to Roz, on taste in books,
                              Iris on homeless, Regina on Furniture and Liz on a Happy Childhood.

                              The Education session was also given by Brendan.   He passed out a number of prints of paintings  and all the members had fun trying to remember details of the paintings.   This was a most enjoyable session on observation.

                              Timings were given by Scilla which was followed by the Tea Interval.

                              First on the agenda for the second half was a speech by Regina.  This was a very entertaining and educational speech on dwellings through the ages including information about some radical new ideas.

                              Carole gave a very fulsome evaluation of Regina's Speech.
                              This was followed by a short business meeting.
                              Roz gave an excellent General Evaluation and Vote of Thanks.
                              Although we were small on numbers it was an excellent evening.

                              Saturday 5 October, 2019

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields - Send in the Clowns

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields met on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019 in Hutchesons' Grammar School, room A21.

                              The theme for the evening was Send in the Clowns.

                              The President Brendan welcomed the members and one visitor and gave the apologies.

                              Roz was introduced as Chair for the evening.   Roz gave an Inspiration from Cole Porter's Be a Clown and then gave out topics which were given by Brendan, Carole, Liz, Ruth and Grace all connected to the Theme.

                              The Education Session was given by Regina in the form of a quiz about Glasgow.    This was full of very interesting facts and was very educational due to the fact that the scores were very low.   Everyone learnt quite a lot about Glasgow.

                              Following the tea interval speeches were given by Ruth and Liz - both keeping to the Theme, but with very different approaches to the subject.

                              The evaluations were given by Grace and Brendan.

                              Brendan conducted a short Business Meeting in which finances were discussed and Liz mentioned the forthcoming Council Meeting.

                              The timing was by Regina and the General Evaluation and Vote of Thanks was given by Carole.

                              A most enjoyable evening was had by all.

                              The next meeting will be held on 16th October in the home of a member due to the fact that ths School will be closed for the October holiday.

                              Thursday 5 September, 2019

                              POWERtalk Pollokshields - Autumn Fruits

                              The evening was opened by Scilla, President for 2018-19 as the final meeting of the last session was not quorate.    The Business Meeting and AGM were held and the new officers for 2019-10 were duly voted in.

                              The Board was installed by Roz, with Brendan as President, Liz as Vice President, Regina as Secretary and Roz as Treasurer.

                              Brendan our new President, complete with his badge.
                              Brendan handed out Topics on the Theme of the evening "Autumn Fruits"with topics going to Scilla, Roz, Carole, Louise and Liz.
                              The installation was followed by a most entertaining session on Word Power by Roz.

                              Following the Tea break we had a very entertaining Speech which was evaluated by Scilla.

                              The timing was by Liz 

                              The General Evaluation was by Louise.

                              The next meeting will be on 2nd October and the Theme will be "Send in the Clowns".